Key Figures

The AOC du Languedoc and its denominations : 2011 sales breakdown by colour

Red wines make up 81% of total sales of still wines. In the last few years rosé sales have increased strongly to 11% of the total whilst whites have also increased to a current 8%.


The AOC du Roussillon : 2011 sales breakdown by colour

Red and rosé sales at 54% and 41% respectively make up the majority of still wine sales. Whites represent 3% of the market.


AOC Languedoc in figures

190,000 hectolitres is the declared volume of AOC Languedoc without its denominations in 2011.  One notices price increases (+10% in 2 years) which correspond to a higher quality range. With average prices of 3,98 € a bottle in multiple outlets  AOC Languedoc benefits from being positioned  among ‘top of range’ wines. .