About the regions

On the road to hierarchies

Recognized by the decree of 30 April 2007, the Languedoc Appellation has resulted in a positive move forward by the Languedoc vineyard. Nowadays the emphasis is on building hierarchies, which are taking shape.


Towards a pyramid shaped organisation

The birth of the Languedoc Appellation means that the 36 Languedoc-Roussillon AOCs and denominations are having to reposition themselves around this Appellation reference. In that the move towards hierarchies is still under way, the 36 AOCs and denominations are being organized within a pyramid shaped structure recognizing that at present some are more advanced  than others in defining and presenting their specificity, reputation and promoting knowledge of their strict production rules. This work is concrete in that it helps build up consumer knowledge and a recognizable positioning during a period of economic difficulty and ever increasing international competition.


Appellations and denominations within the AOC Languedoc area

Collioure, Côtes du Roussillon Villages, Latour de France, Caramany, Lesquerde, Tautavel, Côtes du Roussillon, Les Aspres, Maury, Fitou, Corbières, Corbières-Boutenac, Cabardès, Limoux rouge, Minervois, Minervois-La Livinière, Saint-Chinian, Saint-Chinian Berlou, Saint-Chinian Roquebrun, Faugères, Clairette du Languedoc, Picpoul de Pinet, AOC Languedoc-la Clape, AOC Languedoc-Pézenas, AOC Languedoc-Grés de Montpellier, AOC Languedoc- Terrasses du Larzac, AOC Languedoc-Pic Saint Loup, AOC Languedoc-Sommières, AOC Languedoc-Quatourze, AOC Languedoc-Cabrières, AOC Languedoc-Saint-Saturnin, AOC Languedoc-Montpeyroux, AOC Languedoc-Saint-Georgesd’Orques, AOC Languedoc-La Méjanelle, AOC Languedoc- Saint-Drézéry, AOC Languedoc-Saint-Christol.