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Discover the Languedoc Wine School

The Languedoc Wine School

A unique opportunity to widen your oenological knowledge and journey to the heart of the 37 Languedoc appellations which include over 1000 domaines from the Spanish border to the outskirts of Nîmes. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a beginner, a serious wine lover or simply curious, our Languedoc Wine School invites you to discover the Languedoc vines, wines and terroirs which ensure the appellations’ unique characters.

Its Mission

Teaching you how to talk easily about wine by introducing you to tasting, developing your oenological knowledge and discovering the riches of Languedoc vineyards, all in a convivial, entertaining atmosphere.

A unique tasting and sensorialexperience

From theory to practice, our varied programmes are carefully designed to meet your needs. Our team of professional teachers put all their expertise and savoir faire at your disposal to help you enjoy a unique experience allying pleasure and learning, emotion and entertainment.